an artist’s work

How do we create well?⁣

With music lapping at the shore of our hearts⁣

colors drawing close, twirling⁣

vibrant in our eyes,⁣

our senses ignited.⁣

With Beauty reminding us,⁣

again and again,⁣

She is ours, and⁣

we belong to Her, also.⁣

From Beauty we were born⁣

and Love, too –⁣

when creation was simply voiced⁣

and a powerful rumbling⁣

expanded throughout the universe:⁣

here, the beginnings of things,⁣

teeming and unbridled,⁣

danced together in sheer brilliance.⁣

We know this, deeply – our origin –⁣

we feel it⁣

when we hear a babe’s first exhale,⁣

their voice and very being⁣

breaking through the veil⁣

into that same radiant Light⁣

that has always been,⁣

the Light that called us⁣

by name ⁣

and lives in us even now.⁣

We forget.⁣

But when we see, feel, hear⁣

art, created with love –⁣

like an infant, even⁣

like how we each began –⁣

we remember again⁣

that Light and Beauty live within us.⁣

Maybe this is why ⁣

we need artists –

the ones who braid truth and joy

and pain and tears together

to move something in us –

we need to be reminded of⁣

who we are.⁣

We need to be reminded
of our own complicated beauty.

– b.e.


it’s so simple

it’s so simple, just ignore the scars.

it’s so simple, just take time to heal.

it’s so simple, just don’t worry about what others think.

it’s so simple, just don’t say things that rock the boat.

it’s so simple, just loosen up and worry less.

it’s so simple, just believe in yourself.

it’s so simple, just stop trying to prove your wroth.

it’s so simple, just speak your truth.

it’s so simple, just accept things as they are and move on.

it’s so simple, just care a little more.

it’s so simple, just find your passion.

it’s so simple, just don’t be quite “so much.”

it’s so simple, just don’t waste your life away.

it’s so simple, just work hard and be like everybody else.

it’s so simple, just be the change you want to see in the world.

it’s so simple, just be realistic about what you can accomplish.

it’s so simple, just focus on what is in front of you.

it’s so simple, just don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

it’s so simple, give up something for others.

it’s so simple, remember to take care of yourself.

it’s so simple, don’t let others walk all over you.

it’s so simple, life only comes with death.

it’s so simple.


to name the things that often go unspoken



One of the paradoxes of writing is the desire to be known and yet, at the same time, allowing others to interpret who you are however they choose. There is no controlling the outcome. I share my thoughts and you take it as you will. And that’s okay. For me, writing is about growth and wonder and questions and process and naming the things that often go unspoken and maybe even stringing words together that resonate with some other soul somewhere, too.

I have gone through a season where I have kept writing, but I haven’t been sharing much of it. Something about where I am and who is watching me (whether it is only in my head or not) has made me become more worried about how I express myself – which I already had enough anxiety about to begin with.

How do you release those fears and be who you are?

Because really, what is there to lose, anyway?

Perhaps a false expectation someone has of who I am, but I would rather lose something that wasn’t really mine to begin with than to never respond to the pull I feel to put words to what is difficult to name.

Like how lonely it feels to suddenly not know what you believe and wonder how you lived so much of life going through empty motions and begin to question who you are at every level. What did any of this actually mean? What was it for? What kind of person has it made me? How blind have I been?

The days that follow it all begins to taste so stale and like nothing more than meaningless words with hollow hope and no action to stand up for anything that actually mattered.

And for some reason, you feel like you are doing something wrong, you are something wrong, and no one knows quite what to do about you.

There have been moments where I have faced the void where I had always felt God before and wondered what would happen if I just cut myself off from it and never looked back. But I could never do it. I could never dismiss entirely this mystery or stop questioning the divine or neatly tuck in a box with hard parameters the many experiences and things that have happened to me along the way.

Instead, I felt stuck in a sleepy faith that maybe made me feel something, but hardly appeared to make any visible marks on the world for good.

Until one day, quietly and without much effort, I woke up.

And the colors around me seemed less dull and there was a hint of dewey hope hanging in the air and maybe, just maybe, I thought I had found myself or some remnant of faith or spirituality again.

And again I was faced with this Jesus fellow, the one thing I couldn’t let go of entirely about the faith I was brought up in. I have always believed that if we lived out the subversive, messy, heart-centered message of this eccentric man who invited us to be radical peacemakers and reach out – not just in charity, but in true relationship – to the ones no one wants to hang out with, the world would experience a new surge of hope, starting with the those who need it the most, those found at the lowest rung of the social ladder.

And now, I am here, working full-time at a church. I don’t know exactly how I got here. When I think about it, it feels like an unexpected wind came through and whisked everything into place and dropped us here.

But slowly, I am leaning into this reality and seeing something new – something like hope or purpose – growing inside. I wonder if it has always been there, this ember, just waiting. Waiting for the Wind to come and fan it into a blaze. Hardened layers from years of learning to hide so as not to disappoint is giving way to a soft and moldable human that wants nothing more than to receive grace and let it flow outward to others. It is a breaking that is good, a rawness that breathes hope.

I always have further to go in this journey. I am thankful for the mystery and for knowing that I am not required to have all the answers. There is nothing to lose and I am learning to keep a looser grip on the things that I can’t control.





take hold


Extended hand,
uncurled fingers,
exposed palm –

my eyes freeze for a moment
and slowly lift,
tracing the lines from wrist to forearm to elbow,
stopping once more at the shoulder,
and then,
taking a bounding leap to those eyes.

Fierce and full,
they reveal a depth I am afraid to know
and yet, also a love I long for.

And so, the moment lingers.

What do you want to save me from?
What happens if I place my hand in yours
or, is it much more than just that?
What do I lose? What do I gain?
Where will you take me?

Passion, faith, dreams,
creativity, ambition, love –
What reaches out now
and how long will it extend it’s arm
before the moment has passed
and all is as before.