Joel {birth and newborn}

This past week, I had the amazing honor of being at the birth of my sister’s first baby.





I had spoken with her that afternoon and she told me she had been having uncomfortable contractions throughout the day, and thought she was probably in early labor.  I told I would keep my phone near by, but I honestly did not think things were going to happen as quickly as they did!  Her water broke around 9 that evening, and they were on their way to the birthing center by 10:30.  I got the message late and rushed out, thankfully in time to document a little bit of her labor and capture Joel’s entrance to the world at 1:48am the following morning.





Kaitie did amazing and these pictures do not do her justice, even so, in their imperfections, they are here to share.  She was surrounded by an incredible birth support team, including her husband who was there for her the entire way, as she used all her strength to bring her sweet boy here.

I was back home by 5:30 in the morning and rested for a couple of hours before starting my day.  It is amazing how the lack of sleep doesn’t matter to me at all (although I was very happy to climb into bed that evening), because even that next day I felt myself being propelled by the same excitement and adrenaline of the night before.  Maybe this wears off over time, but I love it right now.

I was able to come back over the weekend and not only hold my beautiful new nephew while chatting with my sister and brother-in-law, but also have some fun snapping pictures of their new family in their home.

– b.e.

two births in one night

Recently I had the immense honor of being at two births in the area.  Two moms with due dates over 2 weeks apart, both went into active labor on the same day.  I got the call from the doula and rushed out to the first, which was thankfully quick, because we were able to still make it back for the birth of the second.  This was my first experience at a birth (other than my own), so I definitely got an immediate taste of (and greater appreciation for) the unpredictable life of a birth worker.

BWDSC_0117I have never met these women before, but they both had strength and beauty emanating from them as they labored their precious infants through their bodies.  Both with no drugs and an amazing support team, I was reminded again about the capability our bodies have.

I left my house at 7:30PM on Wednesday evening, and finally crawled into my bed at 6:30AM on Thursday (to be awoken an hour later by my own babes), but the loss of sleep was so worth it to witness these births.  I have so very much to learn about birth photography and so many ways to improve, but still, I am eager to share these few special moments.






– b.e.

Kaitie & David (maternity)

I had the pleasure of documenting a few moments of my beautiful and expecting sister while in Cannon Beach, Oregon this past week while crashing their vacation (thanks, guys!). These are a few of my favorite shots.  I am excited to meet my nephew this fall and thrilled that I will get to be there for the birth to help tell their birth story.


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