DSC_0009_01bw DSC_0012_01

I took these the other day when Hailey fell asleep on the couch.  She doesn’t sleep much during the day anymore, so it was a surprise to walk in and see her passed out.  I was thinking about how good and necessary it is sometimes just to stop everything and rest.

I was sick all last weekend with an infection and high fevers for three days straight. After a trip to ER and getting my meds sorted out, I felt 100% better and my symptoms went away. I have had so much energy, have been eating better, and feeling so much more normal than I have for the past few weeks, even before I was sick.  I think this is because I got so much sleep and was able to break up some bad eating habits I had started.  I stopped drinking coffee and haven’t had much desire to drink it again.  Sometimes you just need a rest from everything. Even if it meant feeling sick and awful in the meantime and I definitely am not asking to experience that again, I am thankful for the rest it brought.

– b.e.


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