falling back in step

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Looking back over these snapshots I have taken on my phone in the past weeks, life is full and happy and I am reminded of all I have. Fresh eggs from our chickens, cookout at our beautiful beach, little ones sleeping soundly, trip to Seattle for the kids’ first ball game, daily mario art, chowing down on bunny pancakes in Easter best, car selfies, silly boy, and afternoon naps in a sun warmed bed.

This week we have been battling a little bit of sickness. Hailey never sleeps well when she is sick, and last night she woke up four times screaming, and at least a few times, I was less than graceful.  Even a poor sick toddler who throws a tantrum when you are very tired can make you crazy,

but every morning brings a new day and I am given grace again to love these little humans who call me mama and feel so much love for me they can’t help themselves from poking and tugging me in all the places I’d rather be left untouched. Who have to get every unfiltered word out they have on their minds before they forget it and want me to share in every experience with them. Who ask me for song after song before bedtime and can’t go to sleep without that final kiss and hug goodnight.

Oh I may be a tired mama who will always want to do more and there will always be busy days and days that seem hard to get through, but every one of these young child days will feel short soon, I know it.

I am reminded again to fall back in step with their pace and live less for myself and more for those around me.

– b.e.


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