Olympic National Hot Springs { Family Trip }



This weekend we decided to make another trip to the hot springs, but with the kids this time.  We packed up a picnic, stopped at our favorite new watering hole in Sequim, Hurricane Coffee Company, before starting our trek.

I will admit to being tired and snapping a few times at the kids, but the woods and wilderness slowly work their way in.  I don’t generally take many nature photos, but I had my camera and felt a little bit of a challenge to try and find some interest in all the sameness of the woods.



We were expecting it to be busier, since it was a Saturday, but there were just a couple of groups at the springs by the time we got to the end of the trail.  We climbed up to the same pool we had been in on our anniversary.  The kids could hardly wait to get in.  Tip: don’t try to give your ravenously hungry children pirate booty to eat while sitting in the pool.  It will make a mess and they will drop 50% of what they have in their hands.


After soaking for a bit, we cleaned off, packed up and headed back for the return hike.  The kids had a good time, but Shea commented that the pool was too rocky and pokey.

Here’s to more adventures!



– b.e.



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