two births in one night

Recently I had the immense honor of being at two births in the area.  Two moms with due dates over 2 weeks apart, both went into active labor on the same day.  I got the call from the doula and rushed out to the first, which was thankfully quick, because we were able to still make it back for the birth of the second.  This was my first experience at a birth (other than my own), so I definitely got an immediate taste of (and greater appreciation for) the unpredictable life of a birth worker.

BWDSC_0117I have never met these women before, but they both had strength and beauty emanating from them as they labored their precious infants through their bodies.  Both with no drugs and an amazing support team, I was reminded again about the capability our bodies have.

I left my house at 7:30PM on Wednesday evening, and finally crawled into my bed at 6:30AM on Thursday (to be awoken an hour later by my own babes), but the loss of sleep was so worth it to witness these births.  I have so very much to learn about birth photography and so many ways to improve, but still, I am eager to share these few special moments.






– b.e.


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