Central Oregon (Family Vacation)

Last week we went on a family vacation with my husband’s side of the family to Redmond, Oregon area.  We packed up the kids early in the morning, so they could rest for most of the drive.


oregontrip2Our plan was to stop in Portland and go to both the Lloyd center and the Saturday Market, but we didn’t plan our trip very well and found out that neither of those things started until 2 hours after we arrived in the city.  Most places were closed, we discovered, while walking hurriedly trying to find a bathroom for our 4 year old.  It took us 5 or 6 blocks to find an open cafe (which feels like a very long distance when you have a child who may spoil their pants at any moment).

At any rate, we all got a nice (if not slightly stressful) break from driving, and we were more than ready for the next stretch of road.


oregontrip29Some of the highlights of our trip were climbing Smith Rock and walking through the lava caves.  We enjoyed a lot of down time, pool time, family time, and checked out a few parks and shops in the area.  This is our last week before things start up for fall, with preschool beginning in a week and I will be back doing online classes full time again, but I am looking forward to getting into a regular rhythm again.  This summer has been full and good and while I love the sun, I am good and ready for a change of pace.



See complete gallery below (click image to enlarge)


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