Mossback Cafe (slow food)



This past weekend I had the pleasure of poking in at The Food Shed’s new slow-food restaurant, The Mossback Cafe in Kingston.  I pulled up to a quaint house with pumpkins greeting me along the front path and a bright and cheery room inside.



When I arrived, Leslee, co-owner of the Food Shed, introduced herself to me and gave me a quick description of what they value and are trying to accomplish with their restaurant and farm.  It is all about bringing the farm to the table. They source their ingredients from their own and several different local farms in the area in order to support sustainable practices and the local economy, and to bring to the community fresh, seasonal and high quality foods.

I love this statement from their website to help paint a broader picture of what they are really all about :

The Food Shed’s objective is to cultivate conscious consumption by advocating local and sustainable food sources, cycles and mutual food relationships. We strive to be stewards of our own food shed by providing local food experiences and enriching relationships between micro-producers, growers and local consumers.We are working to pioneer new ways of collaboration and food interdependence, that encourage farm literacy and folk culture and micro economic viability from the root of the community.The Food Shed is an open source slow food project dedicated to education and incubation through regional farm to fork food experience.”

Their menu boasts options to suit many different preferences, whether you eat meat, are vegetarian, or just have trouble making up your mind (for the latter, they off a “taster’s choice” combination of salad, soup, and a smaller portioned entree).



Not only is their menu mouthwatering, but the cafe itself is bright and welcoming.  There is charm and personality found in every little nook and cranny, and every where you look there is some kind of fun and quirky vintage collection to catch your eye.








The reason I was interested in taking a closer look at this cafe was not only because of their amazing menu, delicious food, and eye-candy sprinkled throughout their new restaurant, but because I believe they are helping bring our community closer to reconnecting with where our food really comes from and leading us to making more conscious decisions about something we do every single day.  Eat.  And I believe that the more we are able to make conscious decisions (in all aspects of life) and see more clearly how they impact ourselves and others, the stronger our community  and relationships with one another will become.  If you are local, I hope you will pay them a visit and see for yourself!

– b.e.

complete gallery below (click image to enlarge)





2 thoughts on “Mossback Cafe (slow food)

  1. Wow, wow and wow!!! What a beautiful gallery of photographs.. You really captured the vibe of the Mossback & the Food Shed crew. Without artist like you, who inspire us through your words & visuals, we don’t draw as bright an inspiration to cook & play!
    Johnny Food shed

  2. You made this place sound so good that your Dad and I almost went there tonight. We ended up at Panera, only because it’s so much closer but we will make it up there before winter. Love the photos, too!

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