working on lately


The past few weeks I have been working to put together items for ‘Ola days this coming weekend.  My online store has not been active for a few months now, as I didn’t have the drive to maintain it and have been wanting to keep my craft more local for the time being.

I have been enjoying the process and am reminded again of the satisfaction that comes simply from seeing a project through to completion.  Many of the items pictured above have been made from material that was once used for samples for a home decorating business.  Outdated and useless, they were headed for a landfill.

What some saw as useless, new eyes saw as having potential and loveliness.  These raw, tossed aside scraps  have been made into something new and hopefully, beautiful.

Oh how I hope for fresh eyes that look past the lines we draw between “us” and “them” and see the beauty in the raw and real and broken scraps of life all around.

– b.e.



August 549

August 513





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