slowing and watching them



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I am loving the moments I have been able to share with my little ones lately.  Slowing and watching the wonder in their eyes and the joy they find in the easiest of things has been priceless.

Here I see them growing so quickly and learning so many things and trying to figure out this world they live in and I am realizing that each moment holds value.

And it’s not the special learning activities that I think I should be doing with them that end up being important at all.  It is simply being here. It is sharing in what they see and hearing their voices.  It is encouraging them in their own creativity and taking them outside and teaching them to look and be inspired by creation.  It is listening to their questions and asking them more.  It is laughing and playing and taking myself less seriously.  It is learning to hold them close and let go at the same moment; the tension as parents we must live in.  It is modeling sincerity, kindness, graciousness, and generosity, things I fail at most of the time, but long so deeply for my children to learn to be and extend to others better than I do.

– b.e.


One thought on “slowing and watching them

  1. I don’t always comment but I always read =) I’ve been valuing slowing down lately. Sitting on the couch, just sitting and praying and thinking. It is hard to be okay with being still sometimes. This is one of the reasons I’ve resisted getting a smartphone. I feel like it’s good for me to sit in a waiting room without anything to do except smile at the people around me and just learn to be quiet. I know this isn’t what your post is about but of course that’s what I read between the lines since I don’t identify yet with enjoying kid years!

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