smallest moments

May 028

june 002


june 001


May 023


above: 1. dirt cars, 2. fresh produce from the Around-The-Table-Farm, 3. Sewn for Hailey, 4. Dress #2 with pants, 5. small hands creating, 6. laughter, 7. stuffy nose snuggles

It is the simplest and smallest moments, the ones that aren’t planned or captured on a camera, the ones that just sneak up on me and remind me what I am doing and what I am a part of that bring things back into perspective.

Moments like when those early morning faces come nose length from my own and a sudden smile stretches across those rosy lips and a warm soft giggle erupts and makes my eyes not so tired and my voice not so harsh.

And when soft young skin lays close to mine, cheek to chest, hand to arm, toes to legs, and I breathe deep those curly locks against my face and try not to think about how big these little ones are getting.

And then I do think about it.  And all that they will be doing and becoming soon, and all the time that I never thought I had will be before me, and I’ll wonder why I ever worried so much about doing so much when my life was so full already.

– b.e.



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