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Above: some moments in the past couple months I am glad I captured in between the tears and fighting and child crazies that happen in the day-to-day.  Wouldn’t trade these two for the world.  I submitted my final paper for the quarter yesterday and am happy to say that I am taking a break for a little bit.  I am looking forward to enjoying the coming months at a slower pace.

I have had so many moments of self-doubt recently, where I wonder: can I really accomplish the things I dream of? Am on the right track?  Am I doing enough, giving enough, being enough?

After a few days of having these feelings jumble around inside of me and grow stale without finding a moment to stop and try to figure out why I felt so tense, so anxious, so self-conscious, I was able to finally let out the stagnant breath I had been holding and fill my lungs with fresh air.

It was when the dishes were still dirty and the toys still on the floor and my eyes were so heavy and the children slept soundly and I finally slipped into bed after a tiresome day.  I moved my face closer to my husband and asked a question.

“Is it okay if I fail?”

His answer?

“Of course.”

Some times the thing I  need the most is a simple reassurance.  That I will be and am valued even if I make mistakes and it doesn’t change depending on how well or how much I succeed in life, and who can really measure that anyway?

So I wonder.

How many around us need a breath of fresh air?

To be reminded of their worth and that it isn’t measured by what they have accomplished lately or in comparison to someone else’s achievements?

And how can we authentically offer that to them?

– b.e.


One thought on “breath of fresh air

  1. Thanks for the blessing, I needed to read this. You are of immeasurable worth no matter what you do or don’t do.

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