as of late

chicks4 chicks3 chicks1 chicks2

Yesterday, we brought home a little flock of 6 chicks from my lovely friend who has generously shared some of her newly hatched chicks with us.

I had no idea I could become so smitten over some little birds overnight.  They are currently living in a tub on our kitchen counter, where we all stop throughout the day to watch them meander around, seemingly mesmerized by these chirping little creatures.

Shea held one for a moment today and his giggles of delight reminded me how such simple things bring us such great joy and how meaningful even these little birds lives are, as short as they may be in the scheme of things.

Why is it that I am continually amazed by how much I grow and learn by taking care of those weaker than myself?  My children have taught me and pushed me farther than I could have imagined before they were born.  While meeting the daily needs of these chicks, who most likely have no idea I am providing them with anything at all, I am reminded of God’s tenderness, patience, mercy and grace in how He provides and cares for me, even in my ignorance of His presence.

– b.e.


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