We hear and think and say and rehearse and keep to ourselves and wish we could take back so many words throughout our days.

Some words we put a lot of thought into before speaking, others we say without thinking at all.  Later we may regret them, forget them, or occasionally, be amazed by what we spoke.

Words can inflict unnecessary pain.  They can lead to more words, or no words for a very long time.

And even good words can bring about grief.  The ones seasoned with love and truth and delivered with grace, which stretch us to see ourselves in a different light.

And some times the words we don’t say at all can be the most powerful.

As a mom to an inquisitive, spirited, and thoughtful 4 year old, and an 18 month old who knows exactly what she wants and gets frustrated when she can’t communicate it, there are a lot of words exchanged throughout our day.

And so often, I forget to stop and listen to what I am hearing, to what is truly being said by those I love.  I react to situations by speaking out of turn – words spoken hastily, harshly, and without a second thought.

Reminded today to see these moments not as interruptions to my day, but as moments to teach and be taught, to love and to learn who my children are and who they are becoming.  To take a moment to stop and think before I speak, so that I might be able to choose words wrapped in love, kindness, and truth.

– b.e.


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