allowing space

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We haven’t opened an advent day on our calendar in a week.

We haven’t done our daily readings and additions to our nativity scene since last Sunday.

The felt tree has all of the ornaments on it (when they are not being thrown on the floor), rather than adding only one a day.

But, we have been enjoying this season and all the excitement and the looking forward and the hope for Christmas growing with each day.

Maybe we haven’t done everything on our list, but we have done some other really fun things, which have grown out of a sense of anticipation, who we are as a family, and allowing this space for spontaneity.

I love the sparkle in Shea’s eyes when we do something together that he suggests.  I marvel at his determination and concentration to work on a project he feels inspired to do, rather than something on a list that I feel is important or valuable or necessary for his “childhood development”.

And even in the midst of attempting to focus on these weekly words of the season: hope, love, joy, peace

I have found myself stressing, becoming impatient with little things (oh how little ones push and stretch us!), allowing my day to be driven by things to complete rather than moments to live and breathe and be.

Tonight we will light the third candle on our advent “wreath” – the candle of JOY.  I have been so thankful for this weekly reminder to reset and refocus.  To forget the advent activities and pay more attention to my attitude and heart.  To slow down in the dim with the gentle flickering light and remember the gifts we have been lavished with in our lives.  Something so small, and yet, so easy to miss.

december 028


How will you embrace and embody and share the JOY we are brought by Christ’s birth this week?

– b.e.


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