part of the process


here we are.

I’m not entirely sure what to write as my first official post.

I’m not really certain how these words and images I place here will look or feel or evolve.

I do hope it evolves.

The very reason for beginning this is to help myself process and celebrate the change that is taking place in our lives as we strive to embrace a more simple and sustainable and present way of life.

And why am I so driven to make this change?

Because something has to change when I can sit here in my warm and safe home unable to count my “blessings” because the list is so long, while others (of which I know none) are barely hanging on in life.

When things and the people around me and life circumstances are so comfortable, it is actually blinding my soul.  I have found that as I reduce this “clutter” in my life, I feel fuller and freer than I have ever been.  This is not to say that the relationships I have and the things I have been given do not contribute to my life in positive ways and give me many, many resources to share with others…but am I sharing?

Why do I not even know who in my neighborhood could use these resources?

What am I really spending all of my time doing?

How can I impact others with the true message of grace?

These are some of the questions (which lead to more and harder questions) that are gnawing at my heart and force me into some kind of action.  In our culture, we like to theorize a lot before we set out and do anything, but many times, action is what causes true change.  In our own hearts and the hearts of others.

At times, I may not be cohesive.  I make no claims to always make sense.  I am simply a person struggling through understanding how to spread grace and joy and peace with those around me and those across the world who I may never know, but my actions can have such an impact on nonetheless.

This is just a part of the process.



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